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Global Weight Loss Program
103 Stone Village Dr
Fort MillSC 29708
 (803) 547-2000
PROVEN MEASURABLE RESULTSBy creating a synergistic proprietary herbal blend, our providers are able to provide their patients with a proven weight loss program that results in measurable, sustainable fat loss.
 (803) 547-2000


Are you searching for a Weight Loss Program that resets your metabolism, burns stored fat, doesn't leave you hungry, improves your overall health, promotes better sleep and leaves you with sustainable/measurable results? Then you have FINALLY found the right PROGRAM! Global Weight Loss Program is Physician Formulated, Provider Supervised, Staff Maintained and Patient-Driven. Through a synergistic process combining a proprietary blend of amino acids with a proprietary raspberry keytone blend, our program allows patients to safely and effectively lose 25 or MORE pounds in 40 days. Are you ready???


The National Institutes of Health defines obesity as a Body Max Index (BMI) of greater than 30. Current statistics show that 1 in 3 American adults are classified as obese and that 1 in 13 American adults are classified as morbidly obese; needing to lose 100 pounds or more. Sadly, these statistics are on the rise.

As we all know, obesity is linked to many diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, joint pain, and even some cancers. We also recognize there are many reasons an individual may struggle with weight gain/weight loss. Therefore, we recognize the importance of a Provider led program that strives to not only ensure that patients/clients reach their weight loss goals, but also promote their overall best health.

Through product development, support and education we are committed to equipping our Providers with exceptional products and resources to establish and nurture a successful Weight Loss Program. Our trained-providers, in turn, provide products, support, and education, to each patient/client to ensure they reach their weight loss goals. By developing an affordable, results-driven program, everyone wins.

Global Weight Loss Program, a Division of Global NutriDynamics, is committed to the study of obesity to ensure a healthy and success-driven platform for effective sustainable weight loss. 

Why Global Weight Loss Program?

  • Provider Supervised Program
  • No Pharmaceuticals/ No Hormones
  • Burn Stored Fat
  • No heavy exercise required
  • Fast, measurable results
  • Sustainable weight loss
  • No side effects 


 If you are searching for a proven sustainable weight loss program and want to know more about Global Weight Loss Program, or you need assistance in locating a Provider in you area, please complete the section below or click on the Patient Tab above. Contact our Customer Service Department by dialing 803-547-2000 ext 202, or by emailing our Customer Service Representative, Maya Blackwell, @

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